Whats better than 1 airbrush shirt? Multiple airbrush shirts! We offer bulk orders offer Quinceaneras, party favors, field days, teams, corp events, Bachelorette parties, and much more. Discounts vary on the design and amount of items, discounts start at just 6 items!


Although pricing varies on each order, typically the range is from 5%-75% off 

6-12 items =10-35% off

12-18 items =35-40% off

18-24 items =40-45% off

24-50 items =45-55% off

50-75 items =55-65% off

75+ items  =65-75% off

Send us a message below to set up a group order with your discounts.

Screen printing and embroidery services are also available, we can also create a logo or use an existing logo, send us a message for more information.